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Founded in 1994 to tackle the problem of excess electronic waste, BSE Recycling strives to promote a 100% landfill free recycling program. We are committed to providing assistance to all businesses and residents nationwide in handling their electronic waste in an environmentally safe and risk-free manner. By combining reuse and recycling, BSE Recycling provides an economical way to recycle your electronics.

BSE Recycling’s mission is to offer the best solution for the environmentally safe disposal of electronic goods. We are working to partner and identify E-Waste recyclers across the state and the nation . Our mission is to guide each household to a recycling centre nearby so that they can dispose off their electronic goods in a safe manner . If your state or neighborhood is not mentioned please send us an email and we will try our best to identify the nearest recycling centre for you . For commercial establishments , we can offer various options including reuse of components and the disposal of the data and material as per the State and Federal guidelines .

Please read and follow all the instructions mentioned as each state has specific procedures in place to make sure the recycling methods can be tracked and accounted for a environmentally safe disposal or reuse. Being the best means establishing a relationship with our customers and providing a complete risk-free disposition service.

Partnerships are one of the reasons that BSE Recycling is a leader in End Of Life Product Management. We are proud of the strong alliances we have with our global channel partners and a variety of the industry’s leading software and hardware companies. Our programs help to foster a mutually successful relationship between BSE Recycling and our partners. Please email us at or give us a call at 408-506-0772 for more information.

 Household IT Recycling

Household IT recycling poses a huge challenge for the environment as well our industry. Every household has few items of consumer electronic items stored away in the garage which will never be used again. Their proper disposal , keeping in mind the state guidelines and environmental concerns , is a problem which will require a collective effort amongst manufacturers ,consumers and the recycling community. Please choose your state and neighborhood where you live to find the nearest recycling company to drop off the electronic items in your homes . If you cannot find your city or neighborhood in this list please fill out the following information sheet and we will locate and email back the nearest recycling centre. We are continuously working to add new recycling companies to our list of participating recycling centers.

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Commercial IT Recycling

Business electronic recycling poses a slightly different and bigger challenge than the household items. The environmental issues are overshadowed by new laws being enacted at state and federal level to safeguard the information stored on the various devices. The onus is the businesses and the recyclers to find secure method to handle, disseminate and recycle or destroy such items.
Please fill out the following information on this form and send it to us. We will get back within 48 hours to discuss the recycling solution for your business. The solutions range from onsite destruction of the hard drives and other storage devices to pick up and disposal off site.

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